In a nutshell...

A designer with over 10 years of experience. My experience has spanned across B2C and B2B brands with focus in eCommerce space. I also do front end code - I love beautifully crafted code as much as I love intuitive design.

Right now...

I'm currently working at Intuit as Senior Product Designer in Singapore. My previous company TradeGecko was acquired by Intuit in 2020.

A bit more about me

  • I was born in Indonesia, grew up in California, and settled down in Singapore. Grateful to be here.
  • My official title is a designer, but I can be found pushing code onto GitHub and getting my hands dirty on some front end coding.
  • I started my career in a creative agency working on B2C brands, then marketing at a large B2B tech company, then product design at a small startup in B2B eCommerce SaaS space.
  • I once won a blind-coding challenge at CSS Conf. We were given a simple text editor and a website to recreate within a set amount of time without previewing. I credit this to my childhood experience of using Notepad to code my personal websites.
  • When not designing or coding, I like to write in my travel blog ( and take photos of food for my instagram (@girleatworld).
  • Aside of English, I speak Bahasa Indonesia (native proficiency) and Japanese (beginner level).
  • Mother to a spunky two year old toddler.

About This Website

This website is my playground. Most of what you see right now is lovingly hand-coded from scratch on one bored afternoon by me, with the help of these tools:

Contact me

I can be reached at