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About Me!

I am a web designer with front-end web developing skills, and I absolutely love what I do. I'm highly mobile, love travelling (I managed to be in 10 different countries in 2010 alone!). I'm obsessed with nail polish (visit my nail polish blog here).

About Melissahie.com

Many of you have asked me how this site came about, so here it is: This website was first developed after I had graduated from college, around the end of March '07. I was bored one day and had just discovered the wonderful thing that is mootools, so I played around with it and the result is what you see. When it comes to javascript frameworks, though i used mootools for this site, the same effect can easily be achieved with jQuery so i encourage you to check both out! I'm leaning towards jQuery at the moment for convenience and more support around the web.

Website Works


Eva Care Group (2007) - independent work

A corporate website for Eva Care Group. I was responsible for both design and front end coding for the website, which includes PHP and ASP templating. Made purely in HTML and CSS with no javascript involved.

Adidas Colour Missions (2011) - iris nation

Microsite for Adidas Colour Mission campaign for its Climacool running shoes line. I was responsible for the design, website ideas and interactive direction in line with the exisiting print campaign. Coding was done by our awesome developers!! The website was a side scrolling website that emulates the feeling of "running" with the adidas climacool product.

Heineken Green Room - Redux (2011) - iris nation

Microsite for a Heineken Green Room event. I was tasked with web design, front-end coding and jQuery scripting, all of which was done within three days. 30 straight hours of coding were involved (mostly to get the robot piees to line up at the end of the page) but I had a ton of fun! :) we chose to ignore the 10 year old dinosaur of a browser that is IE6.

Creative Circle Awards (2010) - publicis modem

Website for Singapore Creative Circle Awards 2010. This was my last project at Publicis Modem. I was responsible for front-end coding and scripting, done with the help of mootools. Website is compatible across all major modern browsers (and no, this does not mean IE6!).

Follow My Story (2009) - independent work

A freelance project for photographer Ming Han Chung. Being an artistic person himself, Ming already had an idea of how he wants his website done so I was basically just his code monkey ;). The website features a side scrolling navigation and involved heavy scripting in mootools. compatible across all major browser including *gasp* IE6.

Just for fun


Phi Sigma Rho Rush Flyer (2006)

Flier design to promote Spring Rush 2006 of UCLA Phi Sigma Rho. Size: 4" x 6"

Phi Sigma Rho Rush Flyer (2007)

Flier design to promote Fall Rush 2007 of UCLA Phi Sigma Rho. Size: 4" x 6"

Indonesia President Invitational (2009)

Poster design and advertisements placed in local golf magazine to promote the $400,000 golf tournament, featuring past winners Scott Hend and Juvic Pagunsan. Click on the image below to view bigger versions.

Poidware (2009)

Just a freelance project that never went through, but I'm proud of how i've achieved resizeable background that is compatible with IE6 with just CSS here! If you resize the window, you'd notice that the cloud and sun moves independently of the blue gradient on top. The trick is to use two images and stick the second one on the bottom, which is easy to do in every browser other than IE6.


I DO love fan mails ;)

For email, questions and comments regarding the website, my email is melissa@melissahie.com, or you can tweet me @MelissaHie

I'm sorry, I'm currently not available for freelance project.

However, please do keep me in mind for any future projects! Feel free to inquire further for my availability :)

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  • Proficiency in HTML and CSS. Able to code without the help of a WYSIWYG editor
    (but doesn't mean you should make me code in notepad. that's just mean.)
  • Experience in creating designs to be printed on products (t-shirt, fliers, business card and postcard)
  • Working knowledge of PHP, ASP and MySQL. Familiarity with JavaScript, C, C++ and Java
  • Extensive knowledge of WordPress. I've been with them since v1.2 in 2004.
  • Fluency in English and Bahasa Indonesia. Intermediate knowledge of Japanese.
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