Integration Health Check

Help customers troubleshoot their own integration

The Problem

TradeGecko is an inventory management app that allows user to manage inventory and stock across multiple locations and stores. In order to achieve this, TradeGecko integrates with e-commerce store apps - such as Shopify, WooCommerce and Amazon stores - and saves our customer's time by syncing information across all stores.

In order to create the perfect ecosystem, TradeGecko relies on external integrations with e-commerce store apps such as Shopify, WooCommerce and Amazon stores. However, due to the complexity of an e-commerce, each integration has different requirements from the customer’s inventory, such as requiring each product variant to have an SKU, and that the SKU must be unique.

See the design

The Design

As there are a list of actions to be completed, I treated the design like a checklist of items you can complete and resolve by running tests against the customer's inventory. Since some checklist items are more important than others, I decided to create two categories of checklist - "Critical Errors" and "Errors & Potential Issues"

Each of the checklist item can then be expanded to show how they can be resolved.

Customers who are troubleshooting can then make the recommended fixes, and re-run the checks to see if the item has cleared

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